Saturday, February 27, 2010

Curtain Holdbacks Installation Pictures Holdbacks Placement On Window Frames.?

Holdbacks placement on window frames.? - curtain holdbacks installation pictures

Did we just new curtains and decorator rods and holders. I had seen a stop at the side of the window to see how it will look.

I received and the industry is open and said window. Hubby then angry and told me to go for the opening and the industry at the beginning. He said it should be pointed out north, so you can connect the curtain behind him. He said that if I, as I did, you'd hit all the time

I told them deal openly and subsidiaries in the east and west or north-east and north-west. so far that is free from the window and the curtains are to be buried in it.

He was very angry with me. He says I'm wrong, but I have no doubt, poorWay. He said that I always things my own way wrong anyway.

Therefore we ask. Is on the open part of the reservoir, "North" or "Orient and Occident out of the open part of the window, or in the northeast and northwest?


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